"He that hath a wife and children hath given
hostages to fortune, for they are impediments
to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief"
                    -----------Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Blessings, Bullets and Bad Bad Men

    Jim Blessing, thirty-eight year old gunfighter and drifter rides into a sleepy little border town in New Mexico, thirsty, prosperous and single. He wakes up the next morning hung over, broke and married to a beautiful, young Spanish aristocrat and he can't remember how he got that way. 

   Then, someone starts shooting at him. "I've been married, robbed and shot at and it ain't even noon yet."

   After that, his luck got to runnin' kind of muddy.

   Extensively researched, the accurate, colorful details of locale, speech and custom contribute to a vivid sense of place and to original, skillfully drawn characters.

   Blessings, Bullets and Bad Bad Men is told in a straight forward, highly visual style that moves with wit and energy. 

                        About the Author  
     A native of Chicago
, author B.A. Kelly has also called Michigan, Arizona, Washington and Hawaii home. Over the last forty years, she has lived throughout California and  finally settled on the Central Coast in Northern Santa Barbara County. B.A. has worked in various arenas such as folding billboard posters, working as a file clerk and waitress, stocking shelves, hairdressing, bartending, as a flight coordinator, being a housewife and even working as a certified structural welder in the Boilermaker's Union. She also published and ran a small town newspaper for over five years, and managed to earn an A.S. degree in Library Science.


Blessings, Bullets and Bad Bad Men 

  • On Oak Tree Press Best Seller List for May 2012
  • Selected Nominee for the Peacemaker Award for Best New Novel of 2011

Contact B. A. Kelly 

at GCCEditor@aol.com

March 1, 2014, 11:00 AM 
B.A. Kelly will be signing copies of 
Wild Justice at Cafe Noir
1555 South Broadway
Santa Maria, CA., 93454
1555 South Broadway
Santa Maria, CA., 93454

Cover art by Geri Ferguson    

"Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more man's
nature runs to, the more law ought to weed it out."
                                  -----------Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

New Release: Wild Justice

   Not since Butch and Sundance have there been two such likable characters. Even though they're innocent, drifter Rin Cutter and his friend Ben Santiago are all set to hang for killing Ty Madden in a poker game—until beautiful, independent Tory Trent, also on the run (though unknown to the two men) from a false murder charge, helps, then joins Cutter and Santiago in their escape.

   "There's no place they can go that I won't find them," rich, powerful, Frank Madden vows, and from the eastern slopes of the Colorado Rockies to Santa Fe the chase is on.

   Throughout their headlong flight the three fugitives encounter Apaches, bounty hunters, and old—and sometimes treacherous friends.

   To complicate matters, it appears Cutter and Santiago are falling in love with Tory.  

   At last, determined to run no more, the three make their desperate stand in the Bajada de Infierno, the busiest whorehouse in Santa Fe.

   The opening of Wild Justice draws the reader in and from there the well-developed characters keep the pages turning to see what happens next.

   Throw in a horse with a mind of his own who contributes to the subtle humor found throughout the story, add vivid description and the accurate, colorful details of the 1870's time period and you've got yourself one enjoyable read.                        

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